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Depend on us for suspension inspection and brake services in Stone Park, IL

Is your vehicle bouncing and shaking like crazy? If so, come to Rapid Auto Repair for a suspension inspection.

We'll thoroughly examine your vehicle to determine if you need:

Shock absorber replacement services
Suspension realignment services
Fluid leak repair services

Don't wait for the problem to get worse - visit our shop in Stone Park, IL for a suspension inspection today.

Know the signs that you need brake services

Know the signs that you need brake services

When one or all of your brakes go out, your car will display a few warning signs. Reach out to a professional mechanic for brake services when you:

Feel the car jerking when you start slowing down
Hear grinding or squealing noises when you hit the brakes
Notice the vehicle taking longer to slow down than it used to

If you've noticed any of these warning signs, call 708-223-8360 ASAP to schedule brake services. We sell and install high-quality brakes and brake pads in Stone Park, IL.